Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2018

While there is some debate as to the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in 2018, before choosing a plan there are some things you should be aware of so you don’t get into trouble. Four facts in regards to Medicare supplement insurance are to be considered before the person tries to sign up for a specific plan.

Four essential facts to know

  • The best Medicare Supplement Plans in 2018are identical, regardless from whom it is purchased from. This means a Plan F from Aetna is the same as a Plan F from AARP. The premium cost, however, does vary from one carrier of insurance to the other. Therefore, it is to be important  to shop numerous providers using our free quote engine before planning to purchase. Rates vary by state, gender, tobacco use, and age.


  • Medigap plans cover the “gaps”, or expenses, not covered by Medicare Part A and B.  You should choose a plan that fits your needs based on coverage, as well as your own budget and health conditions.

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  • Only a single plan is required of this type, according to law. The person can easily have gaps covered in the Medicare coverage simply by buying Medigap insurance. No Medicare Supplement includes Medicare Part D prescription coverage. That is a separate policy you will need to purchase separately.


  • The individual would be the only person to be covered under the best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2016 and not others, unlike that of traditional insurance policies, which often providers coverage for spouse on the same policy. Married couples are required to buy individual policies in this case, Medicare coverage is needed. Many companies offer a household discount, so check the rates using our site to see if you qualify.

medicare supplement plans 2018


The Best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018

Most people will likely consider the best Medicare Supplement plans for 2016 to be Plan F, C, G, and Plan N. Let’s cover the differences of each:

Medicare Supplement Plan F 2018

This plan pays 100 percent of the gaps in Medicare. This leaves you with no medical bills on any Medicare approved expenses. Plan F has the highest premium, so be careful and use our online quoting system to check rates for Plan F against other Medicare supplement plans 2018.

Medicare Supplement Plan G 2018

Plan G is quickly gaining in popularity due to its great coverage and lower premiums than Plan F. In fact Plan G is almost identical to Plan F in coverage except you must pay the annual Part B deductible ($147 in 2015) yourself with Plan G. After you pay this the plan pays 100 percent just like Plan F does. Many people already on Plan G will remain there as they consider it to be one of the best Medicare supplement plans for 2018.

Plan G is often the best deal however, because you will pay lower premiums for this plan over Plan F. This means you’ll save money in most cases even after you pay your own deductible with Plan G

Medicare Supplement Plan N 2018

Just like Plan G, you must pay the annual Part B deductible on Plan N each year. After you meet this, you might have up to a $20 co-pay per doctor’s visit. It could be no co-pay, or just a small amount depending on what you go for and how the doctor codes it, but it’s never more than $20.

Also on Plan N if you visit the ER and you’re not admitted you’ll have to pay a $50 co-pay. Plan N also doesn’t cover Medicare Part B excess charges, although these are rare. The great thing is Plan N has lower premiums than both Plan F and G, making it a great choice for those who are healthy.

Shopping for the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in 2018

Choosing a plan is easier than you might think. Start with the benefits and see which matches your needs best. Then, be sure to check the rates for that plan among multiple carriers to see who has the lowest premium. Remember every carrier has the same coverage but they all charge different premiums for it.

Using our free, online quote engine is the best way to ensure you don’t pay too much for your coverage. Find one of the best Medicare supplement plans in 2018 that offers great coverage, at an affordable premium now.


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